Riley Specialist Electrical Engineers

We design and maufacture Switchgear, Control Equipment and Distribution Equipment that is suitable for

operation in harsh enviroments as well as offering a full Repair/Refurbish Service for customers own equipment.

We also have large stocks of Mining Electrical Equipment which is sold in a refurbished condition.  Much of this equipment is no longer available from the original manufactuer and includes:


Signalling and Communications Equipment.

FLP/IS power Supplies.

FLP/IS Relays.

Environmental Monitoring Equipment.

Various Transducer Monitoring Equipment and Transducers.

As one of the largest stockist of Mining Cables in the UK we offer a complete service which includes:


Mining Trailing Cables manufactured to BS 6708.

Mining Telephone and Data Transmission Cable manufactured to BC492/493.

Rubber Sheathed Pliable Wire Armoured, Type 62, Type 63, Type 64.

Rubber Sheathed Individually Screened Type 524 Multi Core.

Rubber Sheathed Cable for Pumps.


We also stock plugs, FLP Glands, Cable Couplers and FLP Sockets for all of the cable stocked and offer a comprehensive plug fitting and Cable Repair Service for Rubber Sheathed Cables.